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  1. At least she's more attractive than Russell Crowe, even if we still don't know which she is.
  2. Don't shoot the messenger. Poor guy is spokesman, but was instrumental in getting vaccine for farangs when it looked like we weren't part of the masterplan.
  3. Every single cell and organism in your body is dependent upon minerals. Salt gets this terrible reputation, but it’s because it’s refined salt that has the bad health effects. But unrefined sea salt is just the opposite. It has potassium and calcium and magnesium and a full complement of minerals that your body needs to function properly.
  4. BioNTech, a German pharmaceutical company, and Pfizer, a US-based pharmaceutical business, warned on Saturday that they are unsure if their coronavirus vaccinations can help treat the new COVID-19 strain ‘Omicron.’. https://www.newsbreak.com/news/2446132989970/pfizer-and-biontech-are-sceptical-about-the-efficiency-of-covid-vaccinations-against-the-omicron-strain
  5. OP photo shows Moderna. So is Moderna now being offered as a free first vaccine to any unvaccinated person in Thailand? Didn't think so.
  6. You have some proof that a majority dislike Jews? <deleted>.
  7. Judging by the OP pic, the 69 Bar toilet is still open for business.
  8. Taking him out wouldn't be a problem. Getting him out is less easy.
  9. This year, the program is placing emphasis on supporting exporters of processed food and processed agricultural products, some of which are baked cashew nuts, fried banana chips and strips, dried aloe vera, and cricket protein. The superfood of the future for folks whose current protein powder is bad for the environment and/or makes them fart “whey” too much. https://eatchirps.com/products/chirps-cricket-protein-powder
  10. According to preliminary investigations, the heroin lot was sent from Thailand to Taiwan last month. last Sep. ... สามารถติดตามต่อได้ที่ : https://www.dailynews.co.th/news/512032/ Bungle in the Jungle, investigators with a counting problem.
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