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  1. The wife was going to get a free dose of moderna( a friend owns a company purchased shots for all the office staff ,one did not want it ,so she gave it to the wife) but as it took so long getting here she did the same as me got Astra Zenica through mor prom,if moderna ever is available we will have a booster each,in a few months ,but not holding my breath.
  2. To be honest in all my years in the UK and whenever i go back i have never ever seen a black and white couple ,Asian and white yes a few. Mind you on tv series and in the adverts it looks like 90% are black and white these days.
  3. They will now do it after 5 months,according to the papers this morning
  4. Just started watching the last episode of Grantchester, about a country vicar who helps a copper Robson Green solve crimes ,just switched off its just gone so " woke" its the 1950s in the country,now its got a black trainee vicar , an ex gay vicar in prison and just now a black maid opens the door to a country house and the rich white guy there is married to a black woman ,just changing history ,why do they do it?
  5. Had two az through my mor prom app at Samitavit hospital,lets hope i get a booster next jan or feb,
  6. It must be very comforting to think that when you die you will be reunited with your loved ones and sit down with Jesus,mind you it must be very crowded around him as so many people die every day. Lets face it since time began there has been religion ,from worshiping the moon ,and the likes of Odin up untill The one God was thought up. Still it kept the people under control i reckon.
  7. Well when i had my heart attack i went to Chanburi govt heart hospital ,i had great service ,all my tests etc at a reasonable price and all my meds very cheap ,compared to Samitavit Sri racha private hospital 1 baby asprin 27 baht,no wonder it cost 52k for one night. Mind you Pattaya Banglamung govt hospital was not good.
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