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  1. It must be very comforting to think that when you die you will be reunited with your loved ones and sit down with Jesus,mind you it must be very crowded around him as so many people die every day. Lets face it since time began there has been religion ,from worshiping the moon ,and the likes of Odin up untill The one God was thought up. Still it kept the people under control i reckon.
  2. Well when i had my heart attack i went to Chanburi govt heart hospital ,i had great service ,all my tests etc at a reasonable price and all my meds very cheap ,compared to Samitavit Sri racha private hospital 1 baby asprin 27 baht,no wonder it cost 52k for one night. Mind you Pattaya Banglamung govt hospital was not good.
  3. I was celibate until i was 17 yrs old ,then i met my first real girlfriend,since then i was very rarely celibate .
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