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  1. Anyone else brought OMI? I love the whole company and project of Ecomi/Veve, holding 2 million. If they get the licence for Pokémon NFTs which is widely expected, this really could fly, They already have Marvel and Bond onboard
  2. Your friend was a fool who thought they could make huge gains and was overtaken by greed, any research would tell you were to buy safely, same as the stock market scams, don't fall for emails, Facebook, TikTok or cold calling. Use Coinbase, Binace or other established exchanges, do the research on the coin you want to buy
  3. The worry now is for me that the UK goes on Thailand's red list, Madeira just did it, I fear other countries will soon follow as cases get into the 100,s a thousand. I was about to book for early December, not worried about anything open, It's a permeate return and have a condo ready
  4. I had this reply According to your inquiry regarding K-Cyber Banking, first of all, we would like to inform you that K-Cyber Banking is the internet browser login service that is separated from K PLUS, so it will not be affected to K PLUS. You still use K PLUS normally. Anyhow, due to the bank will improve the K-Cyber Banking service to be more efficient and able to cover more customer applications, the bank would like to be ensured about the customer status login. And the new service will be announced soon. So if you would like to keep the K-Cyber Banking service, please acc
  5. bartender100


    Lucky guys on the ground right now, do you know if 1st Class are still operating from The Queen Vic soi 6, I have messaged them, but no reply
  6. VeVe is the app I use, they have licences from some very big companies including Marvel, and recently MGM licensed them for the new James Bond film When they do a "drop" they sell out very quickly, rare and ultra rare are the target as they immediately increase in value on the secondary market https://www.veve.me/ Another platform is openseas, which veve is rumoured to be joining soon https://opensea.io/ Crypto collectors might like to check out the OMI token, which gets burned every time an NFT gets sold on veve
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