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  1. Retired at 52 some 21 years ago. Doing just fine thanks. How many friends have I heard say oh I will only work x more years then drop dead or get sick and spend their last few years wishing they would have moved on instead of always trying to make a bit more. Obviously you do need some $$ to retire but I learned to be quite happy living on less. I did not find it difficult to give up expensive western food in Thailand nor was I inclined to get fleeced by a cunning Thai gal. Remember two important thoughts: You can always make more money but you
  2. 4.5 million dead people worldwide would love to be alive to discuss the "obedient media" and how covid dangers are "hyper-propaganda" but unfortunately they didn't get a chance to read your view before they died.
  3. Some of these anti vaxxers sure seem to get their jollies by arguing against thousands upon thousands doctors and scientists who actually have long extensive detailed first hand experience dealing with real vaccines and real infected patients. Go to school for multiple years, pass all the tests, get certified as a doctor, work in a real hospital dealing with real patients with ventilators down their throats begging for the shots when it is too late. Go to any state/city website and see how many daily stories you will find detailing how yet another antivaxxer has begged people t
  4. But no time to apprehend mr red bull and jail the entire bunch of govt officials who took bribes to let him get away with killing a cop.
  5. Investigate the Taksins til u croak but the current ILLEGAL regime is scared to death that IF Taksin returned to Thailand and IF there was a full fair national election Taksin or even his sister would win in a landslide. oh and by the way mr red bull is still living it up after killing a cop while hopped up on drugs, trying to cover it up, paying big bribes to lots of thai officials who are still in the government. Maybe everyone will forget mr red bull and your corrupt ILLEGAL government if you go after Taksin once again.
  6. There is a reason that scammers are able to get millions of people to fall for their absurd scams....unfortunately many people are amazingly gullible and then double down rather than admit they got conned....if i were a scammer i would actively look for antivaxers who seem willing to believe the unbelievable in spite of massive amounts of evidence from thousands of doctors and scientists who have spent their lives studying viruses...how may anti vaxers are doctors? Maybe a few quack docs looking to run a scam.
  7. George Washington mandated smallpox vaccinations for American troops 200+ years ago. The Supreme court has upheld vaccine mandates as being constitutional for over a century. We have had vaccine mandates for things like attending public schools for generations. Grow the hell up, stop all the nonsense, get the shots.
  8. If all the anti vaxx bunch would simply get the shot covid would soon be controlled and we could go back to some semblance of life without major covid disruptions. You can be part of the solution or you can continue to be part of the problem. Contrary to anti vaxx arguments that their "freedom" to not get the shot affects no one but themselves is simply not true.....it impacts millions of people whose shops are closed and who are hanging on by a tread. It impacts millions of doctors and nurses who are in melt down after months of working to save the mostly unvaccinated patients.
  9. Go ahead and continue to trust internet experts and conspiracy theories rather than go get the damn shots that have been proven in millions upon millions of doses to save countless lives and almost eliminate hospitalizations with a very tiny number of adverse reactions.....go ahead and refuse to help put the entire covid pandemic behind us and screw up the economies and cause untold hardships worldwide rather than bury your ego and your "expertise" and do what doctors and scientists who study virus and diseases for decades recommend. Get the damn shots. Please.
  10. You can claim a "religious exemption"....hope you don't take aspirin or Tylenol.....go ahead be delusional it is your "right" to be an idiot. One of the religious exemption arguments being used is the concern fetal cells are used in the development of the vaccine Dr. James Lawler, an infectious disease expert at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and a practicing Catholic, said vaccines do not contain fetal cells. What they do contain are fetal cell lines, which are cells grown in a lab, based on fetal cells from decades ago. They are used in t
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