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  1. If possible, I only do online shopping from wellknown respectable websites. Almost two years ago, I purchased a few items from Wish which, at least for me, was a new site. A week later I started receiving order confirmations in Russian language on items from different sellers, which I would definitely never be interested in. Luckily I acted fast and managed to cancel the orders on the website and immediately cancelled the creditcard I had used. I believe that my Wish account had been hacked by a Russian hacker, and that the hacker was just not smart enough to change my email and password befor
  2. Bought a few last week in my local "wholesale" Pharmacy in Bangkok. Price 85 Baht/pc. Brand name Gica. They said that the exact same tests were sold in 7-eleven. Not worth it for me to travel acrross the city. I live in Bangkok, but the nearest GPO shop on the list is 20 kms away.
  3. What is not to love about Georgian women? https://georgianjournal.ge/culture/29199-the-most-beautiful-georgian-women-of-all-time.html
  4. Tourists would be more happily welcomed by the Thais, if less mass tourism were taking place. But unfortunately their leaders have not wanted it that way. Places like Phuket, Pattaya, Samui, Chiang Mai, Hua-Hin and other areas have complete lost their local vibe, which must be a huge pain in the ass for the locals, who are not making a living of tourism. But they should direct their anger towards the local leaders, rather than blaming the tourists for the mass tourism. If you allow building of multiple hotels and resorts, you will also have to welcome the tourists that will be visiting.
  5. I have heard, that 70% of the population in all main tourism areas of Thailand have now been fully vaccinated. The few international tourists, who should leave these tourism areas during their holiday, are not a serious threat to the local population.
  6. A few years ago I had a quite expensive back surgery in a top hospital in Bangkok. After being released by the doctor, I had to wait 7 hours before I was allowed to leave the hospital, as the hospital had to negotiate the payment with my insurance company, before I could be allowed to leave. Since this single incident made me a burdon to my insurance company (international), they decided to load an additional 25% on my already expensive premium for the following two years.
  7. I do my best to avoid doctors in Thailand. My personal experience is, that if they are unable to properly diagnose a disease, they will come up with a fantasy-diagnose, which requires at least 4 different medications of which one will be antibiotics, suggest you to do expensive blood tests, suggest you to do expensive scannings, prescribe you useless physical therapy or even advise you to get surgery for am imaginary disease as soon as possible. All this just to take as much of your money as possible. On top of all this, Thailands hospitals have a multi-level price list, in which poor foreign
  8. A public spanking of all corrupt politicians and officials, would help save Thailand much more than 75 billion baht.
  9. I Agree. You could spread happiness to 400.000 poor Thai people, by giving them each 500 Baht!
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