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  1. from Medisafe Pharmacy https://www.facebook.com/Medisafe.Pharmacy.Rama4/
  2. Indeed, and for that reason I was advised when I renewed my 5 yr DL at DLT Bangchak 2 years ago, to use the Yellow Tabien Baan only and not the pink ID card.
  3. It will likely also affect other items such as personal iHerb health supplements for which import duty is already paid (if >THB1,500 orders), in that apart from the import duty, an extra 7% VAT will now be required to be paid.
  4. I previously used this for my Non O from HCMC, which was accepted without question. RTC HCMC Sample Letter Non O.docx
  5. Indeed, however in the year-to-date in 2024 surprisingly the Antipodean's haven't even made it into the top 10 of the Hoogans-in-Thailand league table.
  6. Calm down old chap...the Brits are currently ranking only 3rd place in the Hooligans-in-Thailand league table.
  7. Recently she's been selling food outside Villa Market / Au Bon Pain in K-Village, Bangkok. She's been there the last few times I've visited K Village, and the food was okay.
  8. What symptoms did you have back then to think you had a stroke?
  9. "I didn't comment"....great this would certainly shorten the length of various discussion threads.
  10. I was identified as having a spectrum disorder in my late 50's and then looked into obtaining a more thorough diagnosis at the well-regarded Manorom Hospital in Bangkok: https://www.manarom.com/adult_eng.html Although it was quite a revelation, I decided not to go through with the full diagnosis as there was little to be gained (in Thailand) by having the diagnosis verified at my age being post-career and semi-retired, and I had managed to stumble through school and university and an international career with a large MNC through masking techniques rather than prescription drugs. Accepting and understanding my trigger points including avoiding certain places and people allows me to get by. Knowing of the diagnosis has brought a lot of sense and understanding as to why certain things seemed to happen to me (and not to most others) which in itself was quite an epiphany and helpful in moving forward with a more positive attitude.
  11. Perhaps, although Citibank, HSBC and Standard Chartered have each retreated and downsized their retail banking footprint in ASEAN in recent years.
  12. mark5335

    Hotel Bangkok

    Grande Centrepoint at T21 seems to tick all your boxes although it's not new, about 12 years old. I've previously used the gym and pool there which was well equipped.
  13. In my car I always keep the air vents closed in the hope that less outside air will permeate into the cabin, and on days of high PM2.5 I connect an Electrolux personal air purifier to the USB socket in the car. Although I don't have a portable air quality measuring device to check, it does provide a degree of peace of mind, and as @CharlieHwrote above - it's a case of something is better than nothing.
  14. Dr Netrnapa Youngrod. She works Friday/Sunday at Bangkok Hospital in Bangkok. I saw her last month for a skin cancer check and eczema. Thorough and the best dermatologist I've seen in over 30 years. I had previously gone to Samitivej in Sukhumvit Soi 49 for a skin check and was quite disappointed by the nonchalant attitude of the dermatologist there.
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