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  1. As per the title, what documents are needed for immigration for a 60 day extension to visit Thai wife? If this has been posted before, apologies, I can't find it (never had to do this before). Also, to confirm, documents required for TM30, I will need to change address as well. Thanks.
  2. Before I comment, this is in no way meant to be blaming the victim, but IMO it is something that needs to be addressed. Fully aware that these dogs have bite history, who in their right mind would leave a 4 year old outside by herself? I have scanned the comments on the thread and haven't seen one mention of this. It is a major part of the whole story. That said, the ultimate responsibility lies with an owner that willing lets their pack roam. And yes, certainly it is a pack. Even a single dog in a household is part of a 'pack', with the hierarchy starting with the owner, then family members, with the dog at the bottom. Major problem is that too many people treat their dogs like humans; they're not. Even though 'domesticated', they have traits built into their genes going back to their origins of the wolf. Final point, being prepared to pay for everything is not owning the situation, too little too late, the damage has already been done. And the comment of agreeing with the authorities decision to remove the animals if that decision was made? No comment made by the authorities, and everything stays the same? OWNERS RESPONSIBILITY! Note: Maybe a bit harsh on this post, but for stories like this I like to imagine the entire picture. Likely get some hate for this as well.
  3. Never a truer word spoken about owning dogs just for the status. I've seen it too much, both here and where I originate from. Very few understand even the basics on how to control a naturally territorial animal. Although my dog is neither aggressive and has zero bite history (nor is he a pittie), he has territorial tendencies and will bark at anyone approaching the house he doesn't know. I've had these signs on the gate (or variants of them) for the last 5 years to warn people that ignore the warning the dog is giving them. Works well. Playful dog is deliberate.
  4. You do realize the 22xx numbers attached to M.2 boards are dimensions? Ie, 2240 is 22mm wide by 40mm long. If your M.2 is a little bit wider, I would consider this as suspicious.
  5. In addition (or as an alternative) to the above, as your computers can see themselves on the network, you could map your shared folder(s) so the share appears in your file explorer as an additional drive. This is how I normally display shared drives/folders/files. These snapshots were taken from a W11 OS. Open File Explorer and right-click on This PC in the left column and Map Network Drive from the dropdown. In the next window, select the drive letter you want from the dropdown. In the Folder field, type in the name of the host computer as you see it in Network, preceded with two back slashes (\\) and ending with a single back slash (\) and click Browse. This should open the Network window. Double click on your 'host computer'; this will ask for your permission which will be the user name and password on the 'host computer'. Type this in and check remember this (to save you inserting the username & password everytime you access the share) and OK. This will show a list of shared folders/files on the host computer. Select the folder/file you want associated with the drive letter you picked earlier and click OK. This should now display in file explorer\This PC under Network Locations, all contents accessible.
  6. Thanks NE1, that was the last one I saw as well, 15 Dec 21. I'm not really worried about the booster, it was just that the doctor was so adamant that the time period had changed even after I stressed that it was Pfizer/Pfizer we were talking about. He is an OK guy as well. Thanks to everyone else who has commented as well.
  7. OK, good that the computers can see themselves. Not sure if this will work, but worth trying. I'm using "Network Test" as an example, and again, this is a W10 machine. You probably know all this, but just in case............. On the folder you want to share, right-click on this and select Properties. Select the Sharing tab to check the folder is shared. When we know it is shared, click on advanced Sharing. Click the Share this folder box, and then click Permissions. For the Everyone Group, Click on Full Control, Apply and OK. Back out of all open windows. To be sure, right-click again on the folder you are going to share, Properties and click Security tab. Click on Edit. If you can't see the Group Everyone, click on Add. In the Enter the object names field, type Everyone and then Check Names and OK. Select Everyone from the Group or user names field, click Full Control in the Permissions field, click Apply and OK. Try to connect to the share again from your computer B.
  8. I know there are other threads running with this mentioned, but alas, I'm confused again. I have had my two Pfizer shots, second one at the end of September las year. When I was at the Bangkok Hospital, Phitsanulok on Sunday, the doctor I was seeing asked about my vaccine status and recommended I get a booster. When I told him I had 2 x Pfizer shots and it was recommended that it should be 6 months after the second shot for the booster, he told me no. He was adamant that this had been changed, about two weeks ago and the time period between second shot and booster had been reduced. I may be a bit behind on this. Does anyone have a link to an official update on this issue? Cheers
  9. If both your computers are connected by LAN cable to the router (or a switch coming off the router) you should be good to go. I doubt it has anything to do with W11; my W11 computers are at another site and only have W10 machines on this network so can't check. That said, it certainly could be possibly there are bugs in this relatively new release. I was going to add a couple more things to check, but the video below (even though it is a year or so old) covers what I was about to say. Setting in W11 might be in different locations, but should be the same. It is important that the settings on all devices you want visible on the network are the same for file sharing to work properly.
  10. OP, have you changed the defaults in Function Discovery Provider Host & Function Discovery Resource Publication to Automatic? This may help. Stop function discovery provider host and restart. Don't forget to restart function discovery resource publication as well. Are your two computers connected to wi-fi, both on either 2.4 or 5G? Can you ping each computer from the other? Have you tried sharing a folder and mapping that folder to the network? Might be an idea to change the Workgroup name for both computers to a unique one instead of the default.
  11. Personally, I have never understood limitations to alcohol intake that veer outside the bounds of common sense. Where do these generalized recommendations come from, considering that everyone is different? Life styles, occupations & daily living are much too diverse to generalize on. I spent 25 years of my life mostly exceeding the 'recommended' 14 drinks a week quoted by the OP every day. If for some reason we couldn't drink (carrying live rounds/operational commitments, etc) then we would make that up on our downtime. This is also known as binge drinking, by far more dangerous/damaging than average intake. Work hard, play hard was our mantra. The above statements isn't bragging or making myself look big & clever; it was just part of the occupation. Was never as fit and healthy as during those years, never had liver problems show up in regular medicals. I gave up drinking alcohol 22 years ago, not through health concerns but for other reasons. I have never looked back, never been tempted, but also never felt as good as when I was indulging. And yes, I understand I'm getting older.....................
  12. There is no need to setup with a Microsoft account if you are doing a fresh install. Just make sure you are not connected to the internet when doing the installation setup, and go with a local account. You will still have this option while disconnected. If the person who the computer is going to needs a Microsoft account, they can easily add this.
  13. Going a bit of the W11 topic, but ............. If you are planning on getting a new box, you might want to think about the new Kingston KC3000 PCle 4.0 NVMe M.2 series for your storage. Just reading about this today. This guy was getting 7118 MB/s Read & 6057 MB/s Write speeds with CrystalDiskMark. Granted he was transferring 1GB from one PCle 4.0 NVMe M.2 board to another, but that is insane. Link to the Vid................
  14. Do you mean 8th generation Intel? Haven't heard of an i8 processor (not saying it doesn't exist, just haven't heard of it)
  15. Good to hear the install went OK! The problem with the snip & sketch (also snipping tool, getting started, emoji panel, touch keyboard and some more) was another issue. Apparently they let a Microsoft Digital Certificate expired on the 31st October and this is what was causing the problems for some W11 users. Microsoft released KB5008295 "out-of-band" update (emergency update) on the 06th November and this will fix crashing default apps. If you are still having problems, check that you have this update and all should be good. Edit: Mentioned by @Digitalbanana & @fangless before this post (replied before reading)
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