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  1. CM Mediclinic - Chiang Mai Medical Clinic They're up past (west) of wat jed yod, near looper pool. I used them on my last trip, LOCATION CM Mediclinic 155/28 Moo 2, Jed Yod-Yu Yen Soi 10, T Chang Phueak, A Mueang, Chiang Mai, 50300, Thailand. 0805 362362 [email protected] www.cmmediclinic.com
  2. Side note - As you can earn up to 108K USD, tax free as an expat (more, much more, with a good accountant) , doubt that is a real valid reason. Lots of people like to talk about, cry about, get outraged about, the IRS. People I have met with real IRS tax problems living over here, invariably incurred them because of businesses, real estate, previous ownerships, earnings and how to say, 'legal judgements', all from their time in the US. Not from living and working overseas. You are spot on about the distance time equation. With a 16 to 24 hours flying time, once you fac
  3. Obviously this has been the head guy, yes that guy's, pipedream for years now. Long time before Still no specifics on why quality tourists would choose Thailand. What's the lure? How are they going to sell it. "Digital nomads" What the heck? I have met a wealthy digital nomad, BTW, one. Retired after twenty as a microserf in Redmond. Making real money as he traveled. However that is a world away from you tuber nomads you meet online or up around Nimmanhemin. The ones having the 25 Baht plates of gap cow on side sois. Those champagne wishes and caviar dreams, never cease t
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