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  1. Good Morning do you hsve that copy of the correct eyesight test? I've been on the phone to service nsw twice this morning regrading wife's and mine nsw licence. I was told, since we are able to renew it online, just do it and then they will send you a letter asking for the eye test to submitted within 8weeks. I asked the operator if it's OK to do the test here the same day we renew the license. She said yes you can just email it bsck to them. It's just an eye test able to read the chart thsts all. Not sure if they will send a specific form to fill in
  2. CBA has my Thai number since 2013,once the security of the bank Called me on thst number, to mske sure it was me using the credit card when I booked a Eurostar train ticket Paris to London. BTW, the last week before we flew out of Sydney, August 2020,I added my wife's thai number to her Cba account by visiting the Waverley (Sydney)now Permanently closed branch. Adding an overseas number to CBA is dooable
  3. Dtac sim same number on prepaid for 14 years 8months Commonwealth bank was paying OK but since March 2020 their rates went really downhill, tried with them to offer me a better deal since I'm with them since 1992.but no no no no. AMP Saver Account Was 1.25% up to September 2021 Now 1.16% Beteer than coomonwealths 0.10..... https://www.amp.com.au/banking/savings-accounts/amp-saver-account Finally, I'm getting here with krungsri 1%which is very good for Thailand, wife dual citizen gets 1.5%....go figure
  4. AMP got this tellpin(6 digit pin) that u need to tell thrn every time u have to deal with them on the phone or through the online chat. Since 2020 they are paying me a much higher interest rate than the commonwealth. Basically my commonwealth bank is 0.01 balance its only the credit card that I kept since its a big credit card limit that I would never get back if I fotrteid it. I just tested to update my details and the code was successfully received through the comm app.
  5. Good evening. I been with the coomon wealth bsnk since 1992. Few years ago since amp gsve a much better rate I changed to them. Recently I had an issue with receiving sms from threm using DTAC. It took thrn few days to investigate and finally I'm now able to receive thrn on my thai number. As you mentioned lots of places back home, here in Thailand and in Greece have my thai number so changing the number isn't an option. Lastly have u tried download the commonwealth bank app? When I was stranded in Sydney last year I got thrn to set up it that way that
  6. Since the latest update, you only get the option to collect and pay for it by cash. Sometimes when I check it randomly it does not even work. Hit and miss
  7. Mor prom app was updated this afternoon with an extra option button, I am now able to order end international certificate online and you get a choice of picking it up, post it or send it to your email. At the bottom of it the payment options appeared as cash (when you go to pick up) Or bank transfer..... I'm not in a hurry to order one but it's good to see an improvement. BTW my covid certificate and health pass worked the minute my second dose was given, not sure why I read msny people are having issues. Hope this helps
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