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pressure washer repair, talang?


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anyone know someone who can repair a pressure washer? it seems to be an electrical problem, nothing happens at all when i turn it on.


i could take it back to Thai Watsadu but i think they take weeks to send it back to the factory, i'd like it done now.



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Just buy a new one, trying to get it repaired will be extremely stressful!

Not the same but tried to get a leak repaired to flat roof, quite a few men came but stood on the roof scratching there heads, left never to be seen again!


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On 9/14/2018 at 6:53 PM, Lamkyong said:

go take the plunge   open it up with a bit of luck maybe a simple loose wire at worst  buy new

cheap as chips


Our neighbor tried that once. Next thing you know there was a yelp, and a thud followed by ambulance sirens. Managed to get himself electrocuted. A few quiet Sunday morning without him using it at 6:30am. No irreversible damage, but kindly declined his offer to advice on installing a water tank pump.

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