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Air Quality Maya Parking Lot


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If you have ever been to Maya, chances are you have visited the underground parking lot.
First thing you will notice is the heat and the most certain toxic air due to all the bike exhaust and lack of proper ventilation.


A year ago I actually ended up in the hospital with Hypotension but that was probably due to dehydration + the heat + the terrible air just gave my body the rest.


Anyway question: Does anyone have a device to check the air quality there on an busy afternoon?


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I did check the pm 2.5 air quality in the parking lot last year.  It was about 20% worst than outside.  The bigger problem and not measurable by a pm 2.5 meter is the trapped gasses and fumes.


As bill97 said.  It is of course bad air, what else do you need to know.

On the other hand a few minutes exposure is not going to do any long term damage.  As opposed to the security guard that is there 10 hours a day breathing that stuff.

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Mayas parking lot might have levels that can necessitate clinical intervention.
I am sure that none of the "security" guards have any idea about the possibility of CO poisoning due to their working conditions.

Maybe the best method to make sure you are safe is to avoid parking there with a bike completely. 


I am sure in Thailand this is nothing of concern to anyone else Redcars and TukTuks would have long been banned.


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Every Mall has its dangers....

Maya - Trapped motorcycle exhaust...

Central Festival - Plunging off those spiral up/down ramps...

Airport Plaza - Getting to the top parking floor and finding it full...

Kad Suan Keaw - Being buried under a million brick after a tremor...

Promenada - Ghosts


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Oh, my...


"I'm sorry, sir, do you have the time?"


"Yes I do.

However, I never give out the time and don't really feel like starting. (Or anything else like that.)"


...won't you be my neighbor?

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