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Jawa Road Test


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3 hours ago, findlay13 said:

Thanks for posting .Interesting.

Yeah and pretty horrific.

Another under powered famous Name from the past rejuvenated with "original retro styling in keeping with our heritage" owned by a different country.

Have you seen the AJS bikes sold in the UK?

Owned by the Chinese, they are basically 125-200cc Stallions/GPX singles for the learner market with an AJS sticker on the tank.

Shameful and i repeat, horrific.

Oh and Matchless is now an up market clothing brand.

Waiting for the BSA name to be bought out, from whoever and turned into whatever.

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Yep 27 hp isn't anything to set the world on fire.Basically another 350 single ,underpowered bike.Too big to thread through the traffic here IMO and not enough power for the highway.A decent looking take on the old Jawa,which I always reckoned was pretty ugly anyway,but beauty in the eye of the beholder etc.,

I haven't seen the AJS but the way you describe them they don't sound too good.I sort of like the stallions but don't try to make them into something they're not I reckon.


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