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Current Gastroscopy & Colonoscopy Recommendations?


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Currently what hospital/doctor do you recommend for these procedures?  I also need some samples taken to test for Coeliac disease.  I've used Dr. Varocha before at BNH, but BNH has raised its prices by 40% and no promotions right now.  Bangkok Pattaya has a promotion, but cannot answer a simple email. 


I also want to pick a hospital that has a reputable pathology department.  Otherwise I may just wait and have it done back in Australia.  

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Dr. Varicha is also at Bangkok Hospital in Bangkok and in Pattaya. You might like to call BPH if you live in Pattaya.  Responding to emails for anything other than appointments is nto a strong point of Thai hospitals.


She also comes to the RSU Medical  Centre once or twice a week and that would be far less expensive. However you take a small risk in having IV sedation outside of a hospital setting.  That is particularly so if you have any underlying cardiac or respiratory health problems.


I am nto sure where they send their path specimens but Dr. Varocha will know.  No matter where it is, experience in celiac disease is going to be very limited.

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