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Khon Kaen Immigration Office

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For those of you living in Isaan who may not know, the current Khon Kaen Immigration Office will close on 31st January 2019. The new office will be located in the new Bus Terminal 3 complex to the south of the city. There is some confusion as the Immigration Office will be ABOVE the main entrance to Terminal 2 within the main Terminal 3 complex which consists of 3 smaller terminals. When approaching the bus station from the main entrance road off northbound route 2, and beyond a small roundabout, you will see the Nakhonchai Bus Office in Terminal 1. Terminal 2 is beyond this. Enter by the main pedestrian entrance to the right with sign "Terminal 2" over the front doors and to your left a flight of stairs will take you up to Immigration. At the moment there does not appear to be any facilities for disabled persons. When I visited, the large office space was being fitted out and there appears to be an inquiry office prior to entry into the main section. There are plenty of parking spaces but do take care of buses coming and going when walking within the complex. Please contact this post should you need further directions




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Thanks for the update and pictures.

I visited the location last month.

The fact that they are moving has been announced in another thread already.

As they are my LINE friend :biggrin: they even sent me a message about it.

From Sunday, Dec 16, 2018:


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