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Rabies has finally arrived on Phuket

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As per the title of this thread, I was more than shocked and stressed to discover this morning that a dog was rescued by Soi Dogs - and found to have rabies :sad:.


I know other provinces have had this problem for years - but Phuket has been rabies free for MANY years.


Just a warning to those in the Chalong area that 'rabies regulations/quarantines' have been put in place for (I think) a 5 mile surrounding area.


I hope the authorities can find out more about this poor dog's history because, (as pointed out previously) Phuket has been rabies free for MANY years.

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54 minutes ago, Arjen said:

I am interested to know how they know the dog has Rabies? It has always been that the only way to be sure it has Rabies is doing an autopsie? Are there nowadays other ways to find out?


Please be carefull with  your beloved ones!



"Soi Dog Foundation Founder John Dalley explained earlier today in a statement, “A dog was brought into Soi Dog by our dog catchers after it was reported to be vomiting and unable to stand.

“It received treatment for several days but did not respond, and symptoms of staggering and being unable to open its mouth, and head tilted to one side led our veterinary staff to suspect rabies as these are classic symptoms.

“The dog was euthanised and its body sent to the government testing laboratory. The result indicated that the dog was positive to rabies, the first positive case seen in a dog on Phuket for many years,” Mr Dalley noted."

Read more at https://www.thephuketnews.com/phuket-officials-soi-dog-rally-after-dog-rabies-death-70080.php#iagetr0ZMQaccYAY.99

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Not shocking at all. Fake vaccines for a few years and travelling dogs equals spread of rabies. Was only a matter of time.

Like I have said on previous threads, the rabies threat was not blown out of proportion this year. Of course, Soi Dogs claimed it was as they compared stats to 30-40 years ago. This year stats vs 'recent' previous years were up to 4 times as high. The Mrs has had to attend all of the rabies conferences as she runs the programs in our area and the government were quietly having toilet accidents in their pants and hoping for the best due to the information they had. 

Edit: This year was meant to mean 2018. Still haven't adjusted to the new year lol. 

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