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The Official Glasgow Rangers thread 2019-2020

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Have had a request to start a new Rangers thread. I think that  there are a few lurkers who would like to contribute. So here we have it. Season nearly over. We look ahead to the coming season. Even a

Several posts have been removed. Please stick to football and keep the religious bullshit out of it. Thanks.

I have stop reading this thread, my mind keeps switching to reading in a Scottish accent every time. 

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8 hours ago, SweatySock said:

Wasn't Kamara signed to be the midfield playmaker? He's certainly got the ability although his attitude might raise some question marks.

Cant believe we got him for 50K.

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23 hours ago, malagateddy said:

Another keeper..central defender n striker...think thats it..hopefully Polson the Yank can do the right back job if Tav is sold

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I don't think we should sell Tav,. Doubt he will want to go YET! Wouldn't you want to win something and be remembered as the captain of Rangers who wins the first league title since we went to the lowest division? 

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