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  1. Plenty of vids on YouTube of people doing it on motorbikes which should give you an idea. I'm never sure when people say the MHS Loop do they mean the big one that goes from Chiang Mai to Mae Sot and back or the smaller loop of Chiang Mai to Mae Sariang and back. Drove the big loop a few years ago, we loved it. Especially loved the drive from Mae Sot to Pai. Loved Mae Sariang, MHS and Pai. Route was: BKK to Sukhothai (1 night at hotel at airport) Visited the brilliant Si Satchanalai Historical Park (2nd night at hotel at airport) Sukhothai vi
  2. I downloaded on my phone and subscribed to BEin connect app - don't remember how much but it was cheap. On the box I downloaded the BEin App. I log in on my phone and connect the phone and BEin App on the tv to watch. We already have a True tv package with Premier League, but I think through the box you can subscribe just for a PL package (i can see THB 149 and THB 249 on the screen).
  3. It looks like the True Box I have. Got it for free I use it everyday to watch Netflix, YouTube, football on BEIN Connect. Worth having. If it doesn't come with a remote (It should) then download 'Android TV' App on to your phone. The smaller of the two boxes. It connects in to the tv.
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