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  1. Excited this morning as we've a white-throated kingfisher sitting for a long time in a tree just over our garden wall (garden wall, small khlong, strip of land with trees then a Pla Salid waterfield) - it's been coming and going from the low branch for several hours. In nearly 20 years here in this house, it's the first I've ever seen. Quite some years back I saw another type of kingfisher perched on a stick on the same khlong bank. The only place I've been where I frequently saw kingfishers was from a floating room and i could view them over the river on the steep ri
  2. No idea if this the right forum for this but I was just wondering what birds people got in their gardens, where are they (town/province), do they feed them and with what? Not an expert on the local birds but I'm in samut prakarn, area has lots of plaa salid fields, have a khlong next to my house with lots of trees and then fishfields. In the garden we get very brave collared dove types which aren't bothered by me, different types of mynah birds which are very jumpy, coucals (saw 2 together for the firts time last week), very noisy koels which I rarely see but are very vocal especially at n
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