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Chiang Mai Restricts Lantern Release


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Chiang Mai Restricts Lantern Release




CHIANG MAI, Oct 7 (TNA) – Chiang Mai province announced restrictions on launching sky lanterns and smoked lanterns during the upcoming Loy Krathong and Yi Peng Festival from Oct 31- Nov 1 for aviation safety.


Chiang Mai Deputy Governor, Rathapol Naradisorn said a provincial announcement had been issued to prevent danger or damage from lantern floating to Chiang Mai airport, communities and public members.


The traditional activity to launch sky lanterns can be done at the places, approved by district chiefs.


Full Story: https://tna.mcot.net/english-news/line-today-english-news-556370



-- © Copyright TNA 2020-10-07
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Chiang Mai used to have a fantastic Loy Krathong but all I hear in these difficult times with extremely limited tourism revenue is no no no and no promotion.

The only colour add I have seen is "don't don't don't" (see picture) where as Sukhothai (so picture).

Poor, very poor I think.

loykrat cm.jpg

loykrat suk.jpg

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