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Ko Rawi and Ko Hin Ngam: Remote beaches and cursed hornfell stones

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Ko Rawi and Ko Hin Ngam: Remote beaches and cursed hornfell stones

David Luekens


Welcome to the second in a series of four posts covering the Butang (or Adang) archipelago in the Lower Thai Andaman. If you missed the first one, check out Ko Adang.


At 29 square km, Ko Rawi might be the most magnificent Thai island of a substantial size that has no development at all, unless you count the shacks and tents pitched at a couple of ranger stations. Circumnavigate the entire island in a boat, or bushwhack through its jungle-cloaked interior, and you won’t even find a fishing village or a hut used by swallow nest hunters. It is pure wilderness.


Protected as part of Mu Ko Tarutao Marine National Park and set within a half-hour boat ride of popular Ko Lipe, Ko Rawi does draw its share of day trippers during high season. That’s how I’ve visited twice, once for fun with a friend and a second time for Travelfish. On that first excursion, we also made a stop at the islet of Ko Hin Ngam to check out an unusual beach composed of polished stones.




Continue reading: https://thaiislandtimes.substack.com/p/ko-rawi-and-ko-hin-ngam-remote-beaches




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