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90 Day Report today (October 29) at Jomtien IO

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I had renewed my extension of stay earlier this month, and my agent promised she would take care of my 90 day report. When she returned my passport, I noticed the old receipt was still in the passport, stating that I had to report again on September 20. Since I was over a month late in filing, I expected to be fined, but was not. I never trust promises of "amnesty", I have been burned too many times. Glad that I avoided a fine and hoping that the Philippines opens up soon. I am tired of "Thai way or the highway". I can't get out of here soon enough.

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Andy, the Philippines is open to certain categories of people, but not to potential expats, yet. It could be 2021 before things are back to normal. At least I have another year to save and plan. The appointment of a new ambassador to Thailand should have solved expat problems by reinstating statutory declarations of income. The new ambassador shows no signs of doing anything to help American expats. One more reason to leave. What, exactly, does the Embassy do all day?

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