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Bangkok: Online lottery betting operation busted in Lad Prao


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Bangkok: Online lottery betting operation busted in Lad Prao



Picure: Daily News


Thailand's crackdown on illegal gambling continued as officers armed with a search warrant raided a house in Soi Nakniwas 24 in the Lad Prao area of the Thai capital Bangkok.


Thirteen staff - eight men and five women - were arrested with computers, printers, routers and account books seized as evidence. 


Pol Maj-Gen Somboon Thienkhao said they were taking bets on lottery outcomes and were operating from the second floor of the house.



Picure: Daily News


He said that Paweenat, 31, was in charge of the operation that had been running for more than five months with turnover of 7.5 million baht.


Daily News further reported that the operation was taking bets on the Thai state lottery as well as the Laos, Hanoi and Malaysian lotteries as bell as bets on stocks. 


The house had been rented for 30,000 baht for the purpose.


Source: Daily News



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