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Renewal of driving licensees in Ubon Ratchathani

Michael Hare

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The Ubon Transport Department’s (DLT) renewal of driving licensees website is up and running. Yesterday my wife and an American friend clicked in and were able to pass the eLearning seminar and book an appointment in late March for the eye tests, photo and issue of their next 5-year driving licensees. This time they will also have to obtain a doctor’s health certificate prior to the appointment. To enter into the seminar website required entering their ID numbers. I don’t think the site will work with a passport number. For expats, the ID number is on your pink ID card or on your yellow house registration book. The seminar site is a bit difficult to navigate around. Questions are asked at intervals. Everything is in Thai and so an expat with limited Thai reading skills will need someone to help out

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17 hours ago, chris26be said:

Can't seem to find the eLearning seminar. Do I need it to change my two year driving license into a five year license (in Ubon)?

Yes, you definitely do need to complete the elearning course to change your two year driving license into a five year licencse in Ubon.


Click into the website here:  https://www.dlt-elearning.com/Home


It is a difficult site to navigate through, even for Thai people. Read each section carefully before going on to the next section. 


Good luck.

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