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Looking for nice furniture stores and websites


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Hi all


Recently moved to Bangkok to live with my boyfriend. We want to kit out our flat and spruce it up a little but I am struggling to find many nice furniture stores online. I mainly get directed to Lazada or IKEA. I think there is a habitat in Bangkok but wondered if there is anything similar to made.com, maison du monde, snugsofa, wayfair or similar places (in store or online, either would be great!)


any recommendations welcome! 🥰

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Nice?  How nice? Nice is relative.


Here’s really nice....




That being said....why would you want to buy a sofa, chair etc online without sitting on it first or actually seeing the quality?


Go to the CDC (Crystal Design Center).   They’ll have everything you need.





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If you do a search on design center Bangkok, you should see some very large complexes e.g. Crystal design center. Quite high-end, but they do have a large range. A design center followed by JJ  on a Sunday 🙂


We spent months, or what seemed forever, going to them every weekend to furnish a few apartments.


The above recommendations are also good and can be found in many places.


My wife's not here at the moment so I can't give you exact names.

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As above Crystal Design Centre, SB, and maybe Chic Republic? (There is a branch 4 mins drive from CDC)




Mostly "made in china" but half decent quality. Mrs bought a lot of stuff for her house there. 


There is a Habitat at CDC. Bring your wallet 🤑




EDIT - just remembered. There is a house and garden show twice a year - many exhibitors do deals: 30-40% off.


These two are quite decent, maybe more your style?




http://www.niiqshop.com/ (download catalogue)


PS.  (Will check on my phone for some more brands later)



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Ethan Allen on Sukhumvit, but it is import tax extortion.  There is a furniture making Soi, very accessible to Bang Son MRT Purple and Bang Pho MRT Blue.  150m or so N of Bang Pho MRT is how I would get there. 

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