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Various questions about travelling to Thailand visa exempt, reporting TM30, renewal of driver's license and more.

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Hi all,

I am planning to travel to Thailand soon to visit my girlfriend and other friends, that I haven't met for a very long time.

I would like to stay for a long time (even I know, that the situation with the pandemic is getting worse by the day), but unfortunately I have work to do in Europe later, so I cannot spen more than 2 month in Thailand this time.

But that leads me to think, that I probably do not need to get a visa ?


Is the max. allowed visa exempt stay of 30 days for scandinavian countries still extended to 45 days ?   (due to the 15 days ALQ quarantine)


And will it be possible for me to go to Immigration and extend my stay for a further 30 days ?


After the ASQ hotel stay I plan to go to Bang Saray near Sattahip. A friend of me rents a house there, and since he is away from Thailand for a few months he has invited me to stay there, while he is away. He has informed the house owner, that I will be staying there, and the owner agreed to that. (owner working outside Thailand)


The last couple of years I have read a lot about reporting on form TM30 to immigration, but I have had yearly extensions of stay for many years and have never had to use a TM30, but it seems that the rules has changed or immigration has started following the rules. (my last extension ran out in 2019)


So next question is, will this TM30 reporting apply to me, and if it does, can I report myself, since both the house owner and my friend are not in Thailand ?


Finally a question about driver's license:

My thai driver's licenses ran out in November 2020, and since my friend has said, that I am welcome to use his car during my stay:


Will it be possible for me to renew my thai driver's licenses, when I stay in Thailand visa exempt ?


All help appreciated !

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Last week, I went to Pranburi DLT to renew my 5-year driving licence. I was told that the issuance of driving licences has been suspended until 1 September.

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