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Registration today on Expatvac


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Successfully registered today on the website.

A couple of points to note:

The calendar to enter your age is in Thai and had to slowly go back 70 years , year by year, and guess which one was November. Anyway managed that.

Also the terms they use for address are (in English ) a little different from Immigration forms.

So Ampoe is District, then followed by sub~District.  but both drop down menus so easy enough to work out.

Finally photos....have upload Passport photo and Visa photo....so I submitted the latest extension photo as the "visa".

In my case these were saved into a folder on the desktop,  so only by selecting them together could I upload them. Doing one at a time just replaced the previous upload

Not a great website (as we've become used to here), but it did work and followed by a confirmation email.

What vaccine, where and when I have no idea (I'm not in Bangkok, but Pathum Thani )

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