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Mizoram is assisting Myanmarese refugee children in resuming their education

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The Mizoram administration has registered children of Myanmar refugees who have sought safety in the northeastern state after fleeing the nation following a military takeover into local schools throughout the state.

Since Myanmar's military coup in February, tens of thousands of Myanmar nationals have fled the country to seek asylum in India's bordering states, fleeing the government's brutal crackdown.
Champhai, Siaha, Lawngtlai, Serchhip, Hnahthial, and Saitual are six Mizoram districts that share a 510-kilometer international border with Myanmar.


Around 400 Myanmar youngsters have been accepted into various schools around the state, according to a minister who spoke to the news agency PTI earlier this month.

Local media recently posted photos of refugee children learning at a government-run elementary school in Thingsai hamlet, Hnahthial district, Mizoram.
The children were photographed holding posters that read "Thank You Mizoram" in both English and Mizo.


Lalchhandama Ralte, the state education minister, told PTI that the school education department had asked all district education officers and sub-divisional education officers to take the appropriate steps to accept Myanmar refugee children to local schools in late August.


The decision was made in accordance with the 2009 Children's Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act.
A circular distributed to education officers states, "Children aged 6 to 14 years who belong to disadvantaged communities have the right to be accepted to school in a class appropriate to their age for finishing primary education."


The minister told the news agency PTI that the effort was taken "purely on humanitarian grounds."

"Around 400 Myanmarese youngsters are now being educated in both government and private institutions throughout Mizoram.
Despite the fact that the Centre has yet to award them refugee status, the government is providing them with education on a humanitarian basis, as the RTE Act does not discriminate against children based on their nationality "Mr. Ralte has stated previously.


In the event that pupils experience inconvenience or linguistic challenges due to the medium of construction in the classrooms, the education minister stated that accommodations will be made as needed and possible.

Since March this year, over 11,000 Myanmarese refugees, including about 20 parliamentarians, have found asylum in Mizoram's 11 districts, according to authorities from the Crime Investigation Department, which keeps track of the statistics.


Officials claim that the refugees are self-sufficient except from aid from organisations and individuals.

According to reports, a new surge of refugees arrived in Mizoram after the Burmese government-in-exile, the National Unity Government, called for a nationwide uprising last week and clashed with soldiers conducting huge operations against resistance elements.

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