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Where can I get the required PCR/ATK test to fly domestically?

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I want to fly from Bangkok to Hat Yai ASAP. Does anyone know how I get the ATK/PCR test done for flying domestically?


As of last Friday, flights now require double vaccination or a ATK/PCR test within 72 hours.  My second AZ vaccination isn't scheduled until mid November, so I want to get the ATK done so that I can fly. I will need one done in Bangkok, then another test in Betong (Yala) for my trip back. 


I plan to fly to Hat Yai, and then drive to Betong (Yala). I want to know what the requirements are for the ATK/PCR test so that I can arrange to have it done in Betong for my flight back to Bangkok. 


It would be great if the self-kits were allowed, and I could just do it at the airport, but I imagine that isn't possible? I have a couple of ATK self-tests, one of the brands recognized by the Thai gov.


I couldn't find the info that I need on the Nok, AirAsia, or Lion websites. Please let me know if you have any leads on going about doing this.

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On 10/14/2021 at 6:24 PM, MarcelV said:

The Songkhla - Yala border has been closed due to the latest Covid numbers. You will not be able to enter the province of Yala.

The border is not closed.


I traveled there over the weekend of 23-24 October. I had to pass through 4 military checkpoints, guys with AK47s. All 4 passengers in the van with me had to show proof of vaccination, but the soldiers hardly checked. Requirements are at the time of this email: at least a single dose of AZ, or two jabs of Sinovac or Sinopharm. 


Down in Betong (Yala), open-air restaurants were operating normally, but many were shutdown. 


>>Have you asked at your local hospital?


What insightful advice! Great posts like this make this website so helpful. 


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