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Looking for a doctor in CM that deals with...


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Does anyone know of a doctor that scans or x-rays the head to check on the health of blood vessels to see if they are leaking, weakening or clogging?

What are doctors that regularly do this called? 

If you know a doctor that does this, please let us know what hospitals they work at and if they have their own clinic and approx how much it was to see them and any other useful info that will help a friend. Thanks


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After having a Stroke   the Doctor at  Bangkok Pattaya H ospital said i need to have  Ultrasound tests  on my   Cartoild Arteries  in my neck  they were found to be 75% blocked  and needed a Stent fitted, a Neuroseurgeon ( Neurologist )  was the man who performed the operation in Bumrungrad hospital, 


I  was told Neurosurgeons are few and far between  in Thailand

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12 hours ago, elektrified said:

A vascular surgeon or possibly a neurologist would be able to send you to a radiologist to check your carotid arteries for cholesterol, calcium and plaque build up. They use a number of techniques including ultrasound and angiography; among others.

I was surprised that the posts above told of a Neuro surgeon doing the procedure.

That a vascular surgeon would do this

U Live U Learn

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