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  1. Why do you want to buy a brand that is not very popular, has limited dealerships compared to other brands ? The bike looks like a Suzuki "Honda Click" Many of these around, parts not a problem, dealerships everywhere, as well as any roadside repair shop has seen them many times before.
  2. 2 million per person - No way will they pay this year in and year out. Riding here 18 years, scooters to HD,s Got run off the road once, got side swiped once. Why? ... Pay attention, Stay Alert. They ARE trying to kill you. Be Aware Beware Don't expect anyone to give a rats for your life - as in all things CYA
  3. This one good for spares. When (IF) you sign up for Facebook, don't use your real name. I use a made up one, as well as an address and email just to register Easy. And as said - no likes. FB has a bad rap - deservedly so - but is a wealth of info. The whole world uses it. Just go into stealth mode Call your self Bolt Upright, Tiger Lily, Argo Fukurself, etc
  4. https://www.facebook.com/groups/ClassifiedNVclub/forsaleposts/
  5. https://www.one2car.com/en/used-cars-for-sale/nissan/nv
  6. Hear Hear Did the same sans lawyer She wanted the moon, I gave her a picture of it 555 CYA all the way - or P and M about it for the rest of your miserable life
  7. The do not drive on the proper side of the road in LOS They drive on the left
  8. We can easily grow enuf food now to feed every person on the planet. Problem lies that we are using valuable real estate to grow crops to grow meat for Western consumption
  9. There is - at rock bottom - no difference between peoples on Earth no matter where they are from.
  10. And where - pray tell - is this mythical place in the "West" 555 Western Mars maybe - surely not planet earth.
  11. Chuwit the Idiot if he thinks what he posted is true. Prostitution in LOS started in the 60's - what is wrong with this picture
  12. All wills in LOS need to go before the court for probate
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