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  1. Had Garmin for years in N. America But in Asia they do not update often. Business concentrated in Americas and Europe. Use OSM here - much better. All factory head units are not even close to an aftermarket one. Replaced ALL of mine. 4 wheels Android Auto.
  2. I think some posters have a valid point of view, as far as I can tell they lived through the Civil war.
  3. These people are teachers ? That explains the abysmal performance of children in public schools. Reminds me of back in the day, firearms manufacturers sued because some wingnut used their products to shoot someone. What next - sue auto manufacturers because someone hit and killed another person using their products ? Better sue the makers of kitchen knives, hammers, baseball bats, and on and on and on ...
  4. Which border ? If Tachileik , Green bus goes up to Mae Sai. Motorbike taxi, songthaew available from there to the border crossing.
  5. If you enter and climb up the car park, every full floor - they have 2-1/2 for example - has direct access to the mall. Turn left once off the up ramp, go to the end of the mall, and the doors have wheelchair and walker access. Elevators right inside the door. Cinema on floor 5
  6. Have you ever asked an American citizen about history ? A very high percentage do not even know the capitol city of US states, the names of American presidents, let alone European history.
  7. I am neither ignorant or antisocial - and I love loud music. But then it may be a result of not being namby pamby, ancient in outlook if not in years, a citizen, nor do I endlessly dwell - and comment - on things that have happened in my life 20 years ago but need rehashing all the time. "Oh Woe is Me" kind of thing. Get over it, Get on with it, quit P and M
  8. 555 - an Aussie making arguments about the American civil war, its causes, and the reason for it in the first place. Gotta love public internet forums - dredging the dreck from the ocean floor for years !
  9. More Musk from the King of Ball Shoot https://www.reuters.com/markets/commodities/south-korea-fines-tesla-22-mln-exaggerating-driving-range-evs-2023-01-03/
  10. In 1964, Justice Potter Stewart, weighing in on the possible obscenity of the film Les Amants, wrote: “I shall not attempt to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced within that shorthand description 'hard-core pornography'. But I know it when I see it.”
  11. We use them also. Great service - great prices
  12. So ... 17 going on 18 years and you are STILL moaning about the AQI
  13. Yes. Wanna see my ATM slip from BKK Bank from today ?
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