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Poipet City's streams have been dug out to prevent more floods.


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As the water levels in Poipet City increase and the prospect of imminent flooding looms over inhabitants' heads, steps have been taken to avoid flooding.

The Poipet City Administration despatched a combined task team on the morning of October 18 to evaluate the flood situation and dig out a piece of the stream to discharge some of the water and prevent additional flooding. Sok San Village, Sangkat Nimit, Poipet City, and Banteay Meanchey were all involved in the operation.


Poipet City's Governor, Keat Hul, issued a statement advising citizens in the city's lowlands to be on the lookout for possible floods. The governor went on to say that the river and stream levels are continuing to increase as a result of the recent rainfall.


Local authorities, according to the governor, must continue to monitor water levels on a regular basis. Hul also advised parents to keep an eye on their children in case they come across venomous creatures trying to flee the flood.


As rain continues to pour over the region, Banteay Meanchey continues to be flooded, with more rain forecast. The storm that has been developing over the region has aggravated the country's current rainy season. Heavy rains have swamped a number of provinces. Pailin has recorded ten hours of nonstop rain, which is threatening to flood the province.


Dams and reservoirs have been opened in several provinces to relieve water pressure in the structures. As additional rain is predicted, officials in Kampong Speu said that two dams in the province had to be opened to relieve water pressures.

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