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What are the restrictions in Hua Hin right now?


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many shops gone, a lot shops for rent very quiet execpt the thais from bangkok overcrowded in the weekend.

Still have new covid infections

lot rstaurants closed hotels closed.


maybe change when all get more easy for enrty the country and can have a drink everywhere en bars open again

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We just got back from Hua Hin.


Bars are closed but other than the lack of International tourists its pretty busy.


We really enjoyed our stay with Sushi and Seafood restaurants open.

Malls were busy.


Hua Hin seems to be the least affected beach area because of its proximity to Bangkok and robust lively ex pat community.


Actually heading back next week.  I love the selection of available restaurants and massage.


I think it might be the last trip as word of another COVID-19 wave is  I all over the news and rocking the markets.


"Britain says new COVID-19 variant is the most significant yet found"




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