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Thai Embassy in South Korea warns Thai travelers not to carry cannabis and hemp to the country


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1 hour ago, RichardColeman said:

I'm actually waiting for Thai authorities to start moaning about the amount of Thais being strip searched due to airport dogs smelling weed on their clothes. 

Those dogs are good, they will even bite you in the butt if you have weed stuck up there. Now maybe there should be a educational video for Thai tourist on what not to carry to other countries as you can end up in jail even if it is legal here.

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Ha, ha, ha, and how about the Thai embassy in the Netherlands?


It seems that in that country that stuff was invented, long, long time ago.

More than 8 years ago my Thai gf visit Amsterdam, and was surprised  it was for sale everywhere, while at the same time you went to jail in Thailand, if you use it.

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In Singapore, the Royal Thai Embassy on Wednesday posted on its Facebook page that Thai travellers must not bring cannabis-based products or cannabis into the city-state. Possession and consumption of cannabis or hemp can lead to the death penalty, it warned.

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