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Email problem with windows Dell laptop


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I was able to log into my email account on my laptop but could not delete the new emails or move them into folders if need be. I contacted a tech person for my email account and he had me first click on new private window which I did. This enabled me to delete emails. He said to go to settings and navigate to privacy and security and then scroll down and clear cookies and site data which I did. I also scrolled down and cleared history and then closed my browser.This solved my problem.

     The big question I have is each time I go to my email account to check my emails, when I am finished I always run CCleaner, I am wondering why this didn't clear out my cookies and history so as to not encounter the problem I had with my  email account and, as stated previously, was fixed by going to settings and clearing cookies and site data as well as history? Any suggestions or explanation for why utilizing CCleaner each time didn't clean out my  laptop would be appreciated. If CCleaner doesn't work maybe I should stop using it each time I check my emails.

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Why are you using it in the first place? Do you really need to manually clear all your cookies/cache after each session? And is there any reason you wish to use ccleaner over in-browser options? Literally you can just hit ctrl-shift-delete in the browser and clear things that way.


As for why ccleaner is actually failing, if you have a synced account for your browser it could just be replacing data that it's backed up. Or some browser settings like "continue where I left off" or "continue running background apps while closed" can cause cookie issues like this. Or ccleaner might just not have the right permissions or know where the correct directories to delete are.


I wouldn't recommend ccleaner anyway because it's not really going to do anything great for your computer performance-wise and some of the options like registry cleaning are more likely to introduce problems than help anything. The few useful features like uninstalling bloat can be better handled by other less invasive software and given the boot once they've finished.

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