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Is my thinking correct


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I have two questions today but will post them as separate threads.

1. Today I recieved an extension socket from Lazada - on testing it with the socket tester it showed that the live and neutral were reversed.

I understand that this won't affect the functionality of the device BUT am I right in thinking that when switched off it will switch the neutral instead of the live.

In all other respects the lead is exactly what I need, so If so, I will attempt to dismantle it and rewire it. ( I'm not worried about the warranty as I haven't found Thai warranties to be worthwhile).

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11 minutes ago, Negita43 said:

extension socket from Lazada

Lazada sure didn't manufacture that thing.

Who is the manufacturer? A brand name company?

Personally I think anything which is possibly dangerous and/or important, like medical devices, should only be purchased from reputable companies. And then there are usually no problems. 

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