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Computer glasses. Are they nonsense or do they work?


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I often spend hours trading online, and I've noticed more and more that I start to get what I would call a light eye ache after 1 or 2 hours.


I see there are protective eye glasses that presumably are there to protect your eyes from damage if using a computer screen for a long time. 


I guess that there is nothing to protect from focusing on one spot 2 or 3 feet away from your eyes for hours, but possibly from the glare or whatever.


Do they actually work, or are they nonsense? 


How do they work? What do they stop from happening in real scientific terms?



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Very good article provided by @Moonlover


Besides that, there are few more things I would like to point out:

(1) You will need to "play" with screen distance from your eyes, font size and brightness, maybe even an additional or bigger screen. 

(2) When you go to the optician for new glasses, measure the distance, maybe take your laptop with you, if you are working on it, and do not stop testing different settings for the glasses, until they are perfect for you. 

(3) Never go get new glasses with "fresh" eyes, otherwise they can still adjust too easy to your eye weaknesses, and you might not get the right prescription. Go there after like halfway through your working day, that is normally the best time. 
(4) There are also some "magnifying" options for glasses, but use those only as last resort, as it can cause you to having to move your head up/down/left/right too much, which will only make things worse.


I am in front of my screen (plugged into my laptop) for hours a day, and computer glasses are a necessity for me

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The Skeptoid podcast covered this subject and concluded 


"My favorite source for authoritative visual information is the website of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. It's a source regular Skeptoid listeners might remember from episode #740 about blue-blocking glasses for people who work at computer screens, their data was very clear that all such products are completely worthless scams, and computer screens do not harm your eyes in any way unless you give yourself eye strain — which blue blocking glasses don't help with."



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13 minutes ago, JeffersLos said:

I have bought a cheap pair that gets good reviews online.


If they seem to work after a few weeks of testing, I will buy a more expensive pair.


Thanks for the information. 

Please post back your experience.  It may help others on here.  Myself included, though I wear coke bottle lenses just to see.


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