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Former police chief indicted, Cobra Gold comes to town - Tim Newton Today - Feb 28


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Thailand news - A former police chief, along with plenty of other senior police and law officials, is being indicted over the long-running 'Boss' Yoovidya case, excessive PM2.5 smoke levels in Bangkok and northern Thailand, the Thai PM heads south for 'tourism' chats with local clerics, the big three food delivery apps are in fierce competition... what's your experience? 


Cobra Gold, the joint Thai-US military exercises, comes to town Elephants on the rampage, another perspective about Thailand's majestic giants.


Tim Newton Today is a daily take on Thai and regional news and issues of interest to expats and foreign tourists.



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perhaps some creative or unconventional thinking is urgently needed to solve this persisting aggravating problem of air quslity and pm2.5?! assuming that the culprit is external, for example, from cambodia, it is right step for thailand to liaise with cambodia govt to jointly solve the problem but also good to request thai friendly china govt to help, exerting some pressure on cambodia to do better? secondly,assume we can't do much to reduce external pollution source, couldn't we do more INSIDE thailand to push for more EV to replace gasoline vehicles by subsidy or increase import tax for the traditional vehicles, or bring forward European new standard sooner, or use multipronged approach? improved air quality could  attract more wealthy guys and elderly retirees ?

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bangkok air pollution
difficult to tackle, one
reason being online
purchase and food order
so popular and motorbikes
inevitably used for the
transport, others push the
blame to cambodia
farmers burning the crops?
and even burning incense
sticks in temples recently

hanoi, vietnam is thinking about
motorbike ban in certain
districts too by 2025,
should thailand follow?

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