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Anyone Want Puppies?


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I had to bring the 6weeks old puppies to the temple today, i feel heartbroken because i liked them a lot. i only found a home for one of them. But the nicest one of them a little girl, was left homeless. i couldn't keep there anymore as i have enough dogs and my neighbors were getting angry from all the baby dog poo.

The 3 left are at a temple in phuket town, i can point you there. If you feel like taking the burden off some monks. They're gonna be easy to find since they're the only small ones.

They're not the prettiest, but the girl is cute in an ugly kind of way, she's very lovable, doesnt bite unlike her brother, just licks a lot and she only poo's on grass, already eat any kind of food. not noisy. I would really feel better if someone was interested in her, she's great with small kids.

Just pm me. im really hoping. It's raining now and i feel rly EFFIN terrible.

Also i found a baby maybe 7-8weeks old half bangkae or whatever in the street, i gave it to my developement's office. if anyone is interested he doesnt have a home aswell.. he's about 12 on 10 in cuteness.

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