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We have some guests with a great little baby monitor (even has a tiny vid screen in it) and our cook was hoping that I could find one like it for her in Bangkok. I would also like to find one of those little baby backpacks for her as she and her husband do not own a truck and will have to take the baby on the bike from time to time.

So, any place in Bangkok (not too outrageously expensive) that sells this kind of thing?

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No, I didnt'. They are Dutch and brought it over from home.

I now plan on buying something for her when I head back to the US this summer. Since my niece will also be having a baby around the same time maybe I can get a bulk discount :o

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Yes, I have seen the video baby monitors at the little baby shop on the ground floor of Samitivej Hospital (Sukhumvit branch). I can't remember if it was 4,000 baht or 6,000 baht, but it was way cheaper than another video monitor that I had seen at Central Chid Lom, which I belive was 10,000 baht or something like that.

So I'd start and Samitivej, and then try the more upscale department stores.

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