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Looking For A Quitet Getaway For A Couple Days....


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Greetings all,

I live in CNX and knowing where to plant oneself for a couple days of relaxing and natural surroundings is fairly easy. Well I am travelling to BKK where my brain does not have the skinny :o , picking up a gal I know, and looking to do the same thing down there. So prey tell, what are some nice spots relatively close to BKK (up to 1 1/2 hour drive) that offer a bit of nature and a relaxing, scenic atmosphere?

I've been to a Koh Samet (not that impressed)so looking for other alternatives out there. Your finger pointing is greatly appreciated, thanks all :D .

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May be a bit further than you want to travel for a couple of days but have a look at Wangnokkeaw Park View Natural Resort, located on the Kwai Noi riverside, about an hour along the highway (Sai Yok) from Kanchanaburi, accomodation on the river. PH 66 (0) 18299563

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Hats off to you people for the suggestions.

Kanchanaburi is indeed nice with some gorgeous waterfalls, the seven tiered Eruwan WF is especially beautiful. Sadly I've already dirtied the place up with my prescence on previous visits and looking for someplace new to unearth.

Koh Chang is another nice option but have already sullied that once quaint island, I actually lived there for a month before deciding on CNX to reside.

I'm thinking there has got to be some spots that romantic couples try to get away for a weekend from BKK???? So where do you BKK locals like to put your feet up and soak in the scenery.

Thanks again.

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