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Hotels Or Resorts In Umphang

The Bullfrog

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It is approaching the time of year when my farang family come to empty my fridge of beer and wine.

Many years ago I worked in Umphang and would love to take my Thai and Farang families for a post Songkran holiday there.

So, any recommendations of hotels resorts or websites??..


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A couple with some internet exposure are

Umphang Country Hut http://www.hotelguidethailand.com/premium/...w&code=2669

141 Moo 1 Tambon Umphang. [18 rooms]

Phone : 055-561 079; Bangkok phone: 02-981 5508

Umphang Hill Resort http://www.umphanghill.com/home2.html

99 Moo 6 Tambon Umphang. [32 houses]

Phone : 055-561 065; Bangkok phone: 02-573 7942, 541 6521

And some others to research are:-

Gift House

371 Moo 1 Tambon Um-phang. [8 houses]

Phone : 055-561 181

Rim Nam Pa Kha Bungalow

71 Moo 3 Umphang district. [6 bangalows]

Phone : 055-561 028

Baan Suan Boonyaphon

8 Moo 6 Umphang Road, Umphang district. [13 rooms and 8 houses]

Phone : 055-589 4307

Baan Huay Nam Yen

107 Moo 6 Tambon Umphang, Umphang district. [2 houses]

Phone : 055-561 092; Bangkok phone: 02-377 7959, 733 1483; Fax : 02-377 7959

Phu Doi Camp site

637 Moo 1, Umphang district. [4 houses]

Phone : 055-561 279

UmPhang Guesthouse

438 Moo 1 Umphang district. [7 rooms]

Phone : 055-561 021

UmPhang House

443 Moo 1 Tambon Umphang, Umphang district. [10 rooms and 3 bangalows]

Phone : 055-561 073

A good resource is http://www.hotelguidethailand.com/home/hot...ac=1708&p=1

This area tends to be "backpacker" country and so there are some reviews (good and bad) at some of the "travelblog" type websites

This are is also a nice stop-overt for those doing a visa run to Mae Sot. Route 1090 used to be known as "Death Highway" due to the Guerrilla (not gorilla :o ) activity leading up until the 1980's. But lives are still lost due to brake failures on the steep and treacherous winding roads through the incredible mountain scenery.

I cannot recommend any myself as I have only passed though. I do plan on exploring further in future.

Chok Dee

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I lived for years in Umphang. Prices for tours are everywhere the same, accomodation can vary a bit but is all reasonable but basic. No real hotels there. Moo 1 adresses are all in Umphang itself, the other ones outside Umphang.

For most you won't have to book in advance. Only around the new year everything will be full. Starting March everything will almost be empty.

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