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My SD disk from my camera is not being recognized on my laptop. for the past 3 years when i plug it into the SD slot on the laptop the computer recognized it automatically and I was good to go. Last week it no longer recognizes it nor any other SD disk when i slip it into the computer slot, so its not the particular disk, but the computer. I cant find how to make the computer recognize the SD disk again. I have xp operating system and when opening my computer now, with a disk inserted, it doesn't show anything where before an icon with "removable disk" came up

any help would be appreciated

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There are USB adaptors available for 100b or so.

They take an SD card in one side and plug in to a USB port on the other.

Might work, will work if that computer port is the culprit.

Worth a try.

Good luck and let us know what solution finally works.

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Agree with post above - I have an SD slot on one of my computers - generally reads the SD card ok - but on occasion it has not - before reformatting the card (and loosing pictures etc.) I tried a multi-format USB card reader/adaptor unit. This allowed me to recover the pictures, then format the SD card etc.

They are very cheap now - worth getting a hand full of SD cards as spares and carry them with you.

(Also a spare battery doesn't hurt.)


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