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Successful Multi Non Imm "o" At Kl, Malaysia

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Thought this latest update today would be of help to anyone applying for a Multi Non Imm O visa in Kuala Lumpur.

Mine was approved 1 hour ago and I collect the passport and multi visa tomorrow. Cost is 550 ringgit (5500 baht)

My application is based on marriage but my bank book only shows 79,000 Baht. No problem !

I took along hand written letters from my Thai spouse. One in Thai and the other in English. ( To whom it may concern, I am Mrs blah blah blah, ID card No............ I ask that you give my husband, Mr. blah blah blah , passport number .......... a multi entry Non Imm O. Thank you blah blah blah.

I also took along my original bank book and copy, spouses` signed copies of Thai ID card and passport, original marriage certificate along with lawyer stamped English translation and 1 copy of each document. That was it.

The visa section opens at 9.30am. I arrived at 8.40am and I was 9th in the queue. When I left the Embassy at 10.30 am, there must have been over 80 people in the queue. Many foreigners and Malays.

The whole process was very efficient and freindly.

BE AWARE ! The Thai embassy website states that you can collect your visa the next day between 11.30am to 12.30. This has now CHANGED! Visas` are now collected between 2.30 pm and 4pm. It caught out 3 foreigners to my definate knowledge. They kicked up a fuss as they had afternoon flights booked to return to BKK. The visa staff were ADAMANT that they could not collect until the afternoon. They had to change flights, so be careful.

I managed to get a promotional flight deal from a travel agent in BKK. 5,800 baht return on Thai Airways. I only booked it on Saturday previous. Arrived at the International airport at 8pm Monday. Immigration was a breeze. Form filled out on the plane.......handed to Immigration, stamped and away in 5 minutes.

I was going to go to KL Sentral by "luxury air con coach" for 10 ringgit............but in the end I took the KLIA express train as it was only 35 ringgit single (70 return) and was direct to Sentral in 28 minutes. I bought the ticket at the KLIA counter just after Immigration, but you can also pay when you arrive at Sentral. The office is next to the ticket barriers. No checks are made on the train.

Arrived at Sentral. Go through the ticket barriers and walk straight ahead. After about 40m you will see a corridor going to your left. Walk down it for about 80m and then you come into a big concourse where all the mono-rail trains are to different areas of KL.

I took the KLA RED line. (It shows green on the KLA website but it is now RED in KL) Bought a ticket to Ampang Park ( very near the Thai embassy ) Cost...2 ringgit. Bargain!

Got off at Ampang Park and exited to the street. There is a taxi rank outside. I was going to the Flamingo Hotel which is again, near the Embassy. Taxi cost.......4.70 ringgit. (about 7-10 minutes)

Hotel...........Delux room with great facilities. 220 ringgit a night, including breakfast ( as much as you can eat ). If you book on the internet, you can get rooms for 170 ringgit. Unfortunately, my CC has expired so I just turned up unannounced.

The staff are brilliant. Can`t fault the place. Super cool Sony Bravia TV etc etc. Good internet (wireless only ) Some cute looking Malay female staff. Book a taxi with reception the night before you go to the Embassy, as at that time in the morning they tend to be full. I had the misfortune to not be able to get hold of one so I walked. 3km. Took me 30 minutes at a steady pace.

Took a taxi back to the hotel though. WARNING! Look for a taxi rank ( there are many) Don,t try and flag one down...apparently its an offense.

All in all, probably the least stressful visa app I,ve ever done. Thats it for now! I,m off to the Petronas Towers to see if I can cure my vertigo. Wish me luck !

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