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Washed Up Farangs, What Do They Do Here?


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I look forward to the day I don't have to work anymore, can dress comfortably, stop shaving and drink beer during the day.

On the other hand, maybe they were just a couple of fellows on vacation.

Im the same i would love not to shave for a week and just wear shorts and t-shirts, getting drunk at stupid times. Perfect.

This is what i do when im on holiday, so looks like you may have found you answer OP, they were on HOLIDAY

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My first day back into BKK and I saw some washed up farang with another washed up farang friend of his. They are sitting at a dark and gloomy overhead bridge, wearing singlets, and drinking beer. They are unshaven, have a few tattoos on them and speaking loudly. What do they do here?

Who cares? Get a life dude!

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