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I-pod Video Movie Down Loads Where?


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I was given an I Pod Video as a gift a couple of years ago and it came loaded with about 50+ movies of which I have enjoyed about half of them... The rest are kids flicks and chick flicks which I have no interest in....

Anyway, I would love to find a place / shop where I could have them load up some newer movies and possibly remove the ones which I don't care for.... I know, I should get to know how the thing works, download my own from the internet and go on with life,,,, but not really into learrning new things at this point in my life.....

Any suggestions would be Greatly appreciated....


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Before we start into the 'illegal' realm again and Reimar thinks that the OP wants to download legal movies and poems onto his Ipod, just buy some legal DVDs, rip them and put them onto your Ipod.

But as your not upto to learning something, where do we start?

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