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Can anyone recommend a good suki restaurant in Bangkok ? Dunno why but I feel like eaing sukiyaki right now.

Anyway, I always goto the MK Restaurant chain for the thai sukiyaki but anybody got any better recommendation ? Thx.

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Take Asoke/Ratchadapisek to Rama IX and turn East (right if you're coming from Asoke). Get on the frontage road after you cross the khlong and around soi 13 or 15 look for a sukiyaki place on the left. This is before you get to Ekkamai (which is Prasert Manu Kit at that point). The guy there is quite proud of his sukiyaki. We went in and tried to order non-sukiyaki things off the menu (in Thai) until his not-too-bright-and-utterly-confused-by-our-farangness waitresses finally brought him out of the back. He stared at my friend and I, wiping his hands on a towel, then grimaced and said only these words - in a very gruff English accent: "You try my sukiyaki. I am famous." He proceeded to point to the wall, full of articles about him and his sukiyaki. Afterward he promptly disappeared back into the kitchen and we promptly paid for our beer and disappeared from the restaurant because neither of us cares for sukiyaki. In any case, try the sukiyaki nazi because I'm dying to know if he has amazing sukiyaki or something.

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IMHO MK is the best. There are a couple of other chains doing more or less the same thing, i.e. Hot Pot and another one I cannot remember the name.

Walk around a mall, such as Central Rama III, on a Saturday lunch time and compare the crowd of people in MK and the other resturants. I think MK wins hands down.

There are of course, the open air Thai street side places that do version with the clay pots and charcoal, some are very good. We go to one on Narathiwat near the corner of Rachada.


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Emporium Mall, Sukhumvit soi 24, 5/Floor in the back past the Burger King is a shabu/sukiyaki place called Niku (if I recall). 10 am - 4 pm has the set lunch for about baht 230 per set with either shabu shabu or sukiyaki hot pot. Ingredients very fresh and beef is OK. Normal dinner buffet price is about baht 350 per person, so the lunch deal is far better.

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