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That Auction


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That auction thing with Jomtien Park Villas, i will admit i thought it was strange.However i have noticed that in the real estate offices over Pattaya they are advertising these places for Min 8 mill up to 14 mill, does that mean we all missed out on bargains at the Auction or what ? they where going from 4 mill up to 8 at that. Whats the crack, any body have news on this.

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Depends on your point of view - every estate agent I have spoken to in Pattaya reckon its a farce and want nothing to do with it. I have only seen one advertise it and thats the estate agent that developed the project. Not seen any re-sales with anyone else. Considering it was supposed to be a sell out within 2 weeks of the auction taking place, seems somewhat strange that at least 3 are still being advertised by the same people that claimed it was a sell out.

Very much a case of buyer beware in my humble opinion and if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

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