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Cambodia :- Where'S Best For A Week Or Two And One Visa Query.


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My last three visa runs have been to Bali, where I spent a month, Jakarta, for a couple of weeks and recently HCMC for a week.

I would prefer to visit Indonesia again however Idul Fitri will fall during the 2nd week of September and this is always a good time to avoid the largest Moslem country in the world.

Therefore I am planning to visit Cambodia and am not sure whether to visit PP, Sihanoukville, Siam Reap or elsewhere: any suggestions ? I am equally happy sight-seeing or spending the days on the beach. I do enjoy the nightlife in SE Asia.

I was planning on taking a bus from Pattaya to Cambodia. If I return by road will I get a 14 day tourist visa at the Thai border ? If the answer to this is yes then I will plan to fly back to BKK from PP.


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