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Reporting In X Days?

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I have an Non-Imm ED visa, valid to 6 dec 2010. Got an Re-entry permit which I'v used and got a stamp when I arrived 13 sep 2010 to be valid until 6 dec 2010.

Before I went out of Thailand I had a report card (receipt of notification) dated 11 aug 2010 which said I must report again on 9 nov 2010.

When I re-entered Thailand on 13 sep they did not change or take away my report card.

So now I'm a little confused as of when I'm going to report next time:

a] 9 nov 2010 ?

b] sep 2010 + 90 days ?

c] not report until I get a new report card - maybe when I renew my visa on 6 dec 2010 ?

Another thing:

Beginning of march 2011 I will leave thailand for 4 months. Before comming back I will re-apply for a new visa, but what about my report card meanwhile?

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The right answer is B.

Since you left you were not in Thailand for 90 days in a row, the clock starts from day 1 when you returned to Thailand. You do not report if you are not in Thailand for 90 days in a row.

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