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Corruption Allegations Against Two Pattaya City Security Officers By Illegal Burmese Street Beggar


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Corruption allegations against two Pattaya City Security Officers by illegal Burmese Street Beggar

PATTAYA: -- Mr. Shuan aged 42 is a street beggar from Myanmar and by his own admission is residing in Thailand illegally and does not possess a passport. He has been deported on numerous occasions and always returns to Thailand to continue begging for money, mainly on Walking Street, South Pattaya. In the early hours of Wednesday Morning, he summoned a selection of Pattaya Journalists to Walking Street so he could publicize problems he is having with two Pattaya City Hall Security Officers who constantly demand payments from him, and in return they allow him to continue his illegal activity.

Full story HERE


-- Pattaya One



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^ That's not what I implied.

I'm worried Mr. Shuan will be "deported" one last time. Never to be seen again. :o

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Illegal or not he deserves better than this. I find it hard to visualise how two city officials could demand money from a man with his disabilities. I hope the reporters splash the story everywhere and something is done to remove these officials.

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