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Just for anyones information I have no hesitation in reccomending Thorntons...UK.

They have special half price offers currently.

My shipment via UPS was delivered in 4 days.Well packed and No additional taxes at this end.

Am going to 'pig out' for a few weeks now.

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I like Thorntons chocolate but do they have a website to order from. What were the shipping costs with UPS

Yes the website handles your order and sends UPS....4-5 days delivery....didnt have to pay any duties. The UPS charge was 37 GBP on an order value of 22 GBP.

Cant do anything about the carriage costs...just have to accept it,...but since the chocs were at half price....not so bad.

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I think you wasted your money. For 60 GBP you could have got some higher quality chocolate at any Thai department store or even supermarket.

Yes...I could have and have been doing so for a few years.In CM good dark Belgium chocs are 20/25 baht each,but after these 2 years I wanted a change and these chocs are different.

You pays your money and takes your choice....OK with you?

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